January 10, 2017: Channels 41-42-43-44-45 are switched to a digital format. Plea... - Learn More

 January 10, 2017: Channel... - Learn More

 Golden Communications does NOT support 3rd party equipment such as routers, cell... - Learn More

 Golden Communications doe... - Learn More

 Seasonal Customers: Be sure to call 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure that your ser... - Learn More

 Seasonal Customers: Be su... - Learn More

Connecting your family to a
world of entertainment.

Golden Communications, providing cable and communications services for rural areas in Michigan.

Golden Communications provides cable and communications services for Mears, Silver Lake, Stony Lake and Irons. We take great pride in customer service and reliability. We offer reasonable rates and are constantly working on new and innovative technology that makes us very competitive.

If you ever experience a problem, please contact us at any time.